Welcome to the Sumner church of Christ! We are glad that you've found the time to visit our site today! As you take a look around, we hope you'll notice that we seek to follow God's word exactly how it was written in the Bible, not by any creed created by man. Let us know if you have any questions by clicking the "Contact Us" link above.

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April 2015

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  1. Wed Night Bible Study
    4/29/15 07:00pm
  2. Sunday Morning Bible Study
    5/3/15 09:30am
  3. Sunday Morning Worship
    5/3/15 10:40am
  4. Sunday Night Worship
    5/3/15 05:00pm
  5. Full Calendar

Bible Studies Available

We'd love to present you with the opportunity to have a personal Bible study with our preacher or one of our elders. A typical “orientation” type of private study plan, that many have found helpful, includes 4 classes:

  •  Bible Authority - how to use the Bible to solve issues for yourself
  •  Plan of Salvation - how Jesus said to obtain eternal life 
  •  The New Testament Church / Kingdom - what is the worldwide church
  •  The Local Congregation - how to use the Bible to identify a scriptural local group

If you're interested, please click on "Contact Us" then "Send a Message". We'll get back to you promptly to set up your class.

Monday April 27 2015

Old Testament: Judg 2-3 Judg 2-3

(Daily Reading, ESV)

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